-The Hike-


Although this picture is simple, I believe that it has good meaning and memories behind it.  My family and I decided to go on a nice, long hike next to the Canyons.  On this particular hike, I simply enjoyed the scenery with my own eyes.  This shot that I happened to get turned out really well and I was really proud of it!  Other than that, have an amazing day! ~Anita


-The Breathtaking View-


This was just one of the stellar views that I got to view.  Everything that I saw at the Grand Canyon absolutely took my breath away.  Views like this made me realize how lucky I am in life and made me thankful.  However one thing that I noticed about both, myself and others, was that everyone was too busy documenting pictures.  As important as I think that is, I believe that enjoying the experience is the best way to do it.  Next time you get to experience something amazing, remember to live it! ~Anita

-In the Hustle and Bustle of Vegas-


This past spring break, I was fortunate enough to visit Las Vegas in Nevada and the Grand Canyon in Arizona (more blog posts soon).  Las Vegas was a very new, and memorable experience.  The culture and the people there were different than any I had seen.  I really enjoyed seeing all the different people, heading off to their destinations.  Both, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, were truly stunning places and I was definitely recommend visiting them if you get the opportunity! ~Anita

-The Beginning-

DSCN0676[1]Hi everyone!  This is my first post and I wanted everyone to get a taste of what kinds of posts I will have!  Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I wanted somewhere to publish my work for both, myself and others.  I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to growing it!  ~Anita